Pooled Orders for Professionals

DMC is at its customers’ service and makes every effort to offer both a wide and rich product range, but also stocks and competitive prices all year round.

DMC offers its order pooling system at the end of the year in its Charleroi showroom. It's time to discover the products of the next season and to place pre-orders.

Save more by ordering more

In the DMC showroom, you can see the product lines that will be coming in for the next season. You can select the items that suit you and place your pre-order.  Your benefit?

  • You know before the season what products will be available, so that you can choose better,
  • Thanks to pre-orders, DMC can pool volumes and guarantee each customer the best prices for the amounts bought,
  • With pre-orders, you do not run out of things: you choose what items and how much of them you want  to buy, at a time when you're not under pressure from your own customers and activities.

How does it work ?

Visit our showroom set up in our Charleroi Cash & Carry at the end of the year, you will discover the range of toys, stuffed toys and bead guns for the next season. 

Even better, check our schedules to make an appointment so that we can comfortably discuss together what best meets your needs.


Rue des forgerons, 102 - Marché de Gros
B-6001 Marcinelle - Belgium
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Monday - Wednesday - Friday : from 9AM to 6PM
Tuesday - Thursday : from 9AM to 2PM


Phone : +32 (0) 71 47 48 51
Email : info@grossiste-jeux.be
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