Sale of Fireworks Supplies and Party Items

Being an authorized fireworks dealer, DMC gives professional and customized advice and offers a range of products that are within all budgets and can meet all expectations

Offer and share dreams with friends, family, colleagues ... for outstanding moments! 

Rockets, batteries, ... exclusively at DMC, smoke balls, automatic fireworks supplies : Lay it down, Light up, Admire!

In our fireworks shop, you will find all the must-haves to have successful parties.

Our fireworks supply packs

DMC offers a wide range of fireworks supplies such as :

  • Ground devices: firecrackers, snappers, spinning tops, smoke bombs, crackling balls, lines, fountains, etc,
  • Aerial devices: bees, candles, mini-rockets, etc,
  • Rocket packs,
  • Fireworks batteries.

DMC offers its "packs" that can suit all budgets while giving an impressive show that nobody will forget!

Your fireworks consultant

For many years, DMC has specialized in the sale of fireworks supplies. 

The regulations are strict, and for the sake of your safety, we abide by them.

DMC is authorized by the Belgian federal authorities and the municipal authorities to store and sell hazardous products. This involves making sure that the items, we sell, are safely stored.

Find out our range of fireworks

8 safety rules to make sure you will have a successful firework display

  1. Always light up fireworks in an area that has been cleared
  2. Use the lighter provided in the pack. Avoid matches or lighters: the wick could burn too quickly.
  3. Never bend over the firework supplies.
  4. If you use a rocket, place it in a vertical nozzle that has been pushed into the ground so as not to move; if you use a battery, place it on a flat ground and make sure that it doesn’t move.
  5. Always turn on the various fireworks items separately.
  6. Onlookers should always be at minimum 8m away from the ignition source (see the instructions for use of the device).
  7. Never try to relight fireworks items that haven’t worked. You should wait 15 minutes before lightning up the second wick (if there is one) and 4 hours before coming close to a finished device.
  8. Fireworks supplies are hazardous products and must be used with great care. Alcohol, or other substances that cause you to be less alert, may have disastrous consequences when fireworks supplies are used, especially when elderly people, children and animals are around.

Rules currently applicable when fireworks supplies are sold

Fireworks supplies are classified into four categories, depending on how hazardous, how noisy they are and where they are used.

F1 Category Fireworks

Low risk and negligible sound level, you can have these items when you are at least 12 years old; they are intended for indoor use.

The required safety distance that should be kept is 1 meter. These funny fireworks supplies are, e.g., fountains for cakes, snappers, etc.

F2 Category Fireworks

Neither very hazardous, nor very noisy, these items are intended for outdoor use.  You have to be at least 16 years old to be allowed to have them.

The required safety distance that should be kept is 8 meters. These funny fireworks supplies are, e.g., Roman candles, crackeling balls, firecrackers, fireworks batteries, rockets, etc.

F3 Category Fireworks

You must be at least 18 years old to be allowed to handle this kind of fireworks supplies. It is regarded as a medium hazard and should be used in large clear spaces outdoors.

In Belgium, this category is exclusively reserved for fireworks professionals.

F4 Category Fireworks

This category is made up of items that are often very hazardous and require professional skills.

Only people who have a qualification certificate (F4T2) are allowed to have and to use them.This qualification has been mandatory since July 4, 2013, and is issued by an institution that meets the NBN EN ISO / IEC 17024 standards.

T1 Category Fireworks

Items intended for use in theaters and that are not very hazardous, such as smoke balls and other smoke supplies.

P1 Category Fireworks

This category is made up of pyrotechnic tools such as fire rods, wick extensions, fire extinguishers ...

Accessories for disguises: for impressive parties

For your parties to be very successful, DMC also offers accessories for disguises, such as hats, boas, Hawaiian necklaces, etc. 

When there are international football events (World Cup and European Championship), DMC offers flags, pennants, scarves, caps and hats, trumpets and other items to have fun with friends while matches are being played.

Finally, when it is Carnival, Christmas or New Year's Eve, DMC offers foam or serpentine sprays, serpentines, confetti, party favors and other accessories to have fun.


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