A Toy Wholesaler at the Service of its Professional Customers

Your activity requires buying toys, soft plush toys and decoration items with wholesale or semi-wholesale terms. Find out why DMC deserves your trust.

Transparent prices

Our goal is to offer you prices you can do good business with. Every season, we try to build the best ranges by buying them at the best prices.

DMC then passes on this buying power to its own customers, while leaving you free to choose your quantities.

At DMC, you can buy a minimum quantity, half a box or a box, with a price adapted to the purchased quantity, in total transparency

Quantities adapted to your needs

In our Cash & Carry, you can buy the quantity you want of our toys and gift items. Only small fluffs are sold in packs of 6, 12 or more pieces, depending on the supplier's packaging.

On DMC’s website, you can buy a minimum reasonable quantity, which is specified for each item. So, you do not have to buy each item per box or half-box, which means that you can better select your toys and items, in others words, you bring down the risk of having unsold goods.

You can place an order with us and pick up your goods at Farciennes; or have them delivered by DMC.

A stock that is always available

DMC offers you a very wide range in its Cash & Carry at Farciennes (Charleroi) where we have a very large storage space.

We buy most of our supplies from manufacturers by selecting our items for each season.

In our various ranges, we try to always keep readily available stocks in order to meet our customers’ needs.

Listening and advice

DMC, it is also someone who listens to identify what your needs are and who advises you on how you are most likely to be successful in your company or your event. At DMC, we do know that a satisfied customer is likely to be a regular customer. Our goal is to make our customers want to be loyal to us. 

So, never hesitate to contact us and send us your questions.

Whether you are a peddler, a stallholder, a shopkeeper, a retailer, a manager of a charity organization or school principal, do inquire with us.

Flexibilité : Cash & Carry et/ou e-commerce avec retrait ou livraison 

Que vous souhaitiez effectuer des achats en libre-service dans notre Cash & Carry ou que vous souhaitiez consulter notre catalogue en ligne, DMC vous proposera toujours les mêmes conditions.

Afin que personne ne puisse y avoir accès, ce catalogue en ligne est protégé par des codes d'accès. Les professionnels ou assimilés se verront attribuer des codes d'accès personnels après une première visite en Cash & Carry ou après l'envoi de documents officiels attestant de leurs activités.

DMC peut également vous livrer votre commande au Benelux (gratuit à partir de 1210 EUR TTC) ou préparer votre commande pour qu'elle soit récupérée dans notre Cash & Carry à Farciennes.

Ainsi, vous choisissez toujours comment vous voulez acheter ainsi que comment vous voulez que vos marchandises soient transportées.

Thank you !

DMC would like to thank all of you for relying on us for so many years.

Without you, we would not be where we are today. You have been helping us to grow by prompting us to constantly look for new items that are up to your expectations.

Let’s keep the adventure going... Thank you so much !


Rue Philippe Maystadt, 9 -
Site Fontenelle -
B-6240 Farciennes - Belgium
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Monday to Friday : open from 9AM to 5PM
Saterday & Sunday : close

Closed n January.


Phone : +32 (0) 71 47 48 51
Email : info@grossiste-jeux.be
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