Wholesaler in Stuffed Animals and Plush Toys subject to Licence

DMC offers wholesale and semi-wholesale stuffed animals and licensed soft toys. Discover our range in our Cash & Carry at Farciennes (Charleroi) or consult our online catalog.  

A wide range of plush toys

DMC imports and distributes generic or classic soft toys (animals, hearts ...) as well as licensed soft toys :

  • Generic plush toys are generally stuffed animals, such as wild animals (tigers, lions, panthers, etc.), but also monkeys, snakes, fishes, dolphins, turtles, hedgehogs, cubs, dogs, cats...
  • Licensed stuffed toys include Minions, Ninja Turtle, TheLapinsCrétins, Peppa Pig, SpongeBob, Mario plush toys and more.

Plush toys in many sizes and various packs

DMC offers a range of soft toys in many sizes, divided into two categories:

  • Small stuffed animals range from 10 to 35 cm and are usually sold in bags (generally 6 or 12 pieces, see more for some of them).
  • Large plush toys range from 40 to 110 cm and are usually sold by the piece
plush toys
plush toys

Soft toys with the quality that suits you

DMC offers different qualities of soft toys, to accommodate the wishes of its customers:   

  • "Cheap" quality, with padding made up of pieces of foam and skin in velvet,
  • Intermediate quality padded with wadded material or microbeads and skin in velvet, 
  • High ( shop ) quality padded with wadded material or microbeads and with a  skin made up of soft velboa (with fur or not), which is more pleasant to touch.


Rue Philippe Maystadt, 9 -
Site Fontenelle -
B-6240 Farciennes - Belgium
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Monday to Friday : open from 9AM to 5PM
Saterday & Sunday : close

Closed n January.


Phone : +32 (0) 71 47 48 51
Email : info@grossiste-jeux.be
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