Wholesaler in Gadgets and High-Tech Items

DMC offers a wide range of gadgets, High-Tech or electronic items that are sold in boxes or half-boxes in our Cash&Carry at Farciennes (Charleroi) or on our website.

Keychains, smoker items, drinking games, speakers…

DMC offers the following product ranges :

  • A wide range of keychains of all kinds, small gadgets (telescopic scratch-back, telescopic massager, fancy pens ) and smoker items (Hookahs, lighters, etc.),
  • A range of party tricks , e.g. : slime, pet cushions, stink balls, as well as adult games (sexy card games, drinking games, board games, etc.),
  • A High-Tech range including Bluetooth speakers, headphones, clock radios, MP3s, virtual headsets, video cameras, disco lights, backup batteries, cigar lighter adapters, LED tubes and more

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Rue Philippe Maystadt, 9 -
Site Fontenelle -
B-6240 Farciennes - Belgium
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Monday to Friday : open from 9AM to 5PM
Saterday & Sunday : close

Closed n January.


Phone : +32 (0) 71 47 48 51
Email : info@grossiste-jeux.be
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