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82.60€ Tax excl.
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Compact of 185 shots
Duration : 120 sec
Height : 40 m
Net Weight : 724 g

Sold exclusively in the store

Reference : 201056
EAN : 4047291062948

Product details

Firework items in Charleroi : Compact of 185 shots - Cat F2

3 compacts (36+49+100 shots) with a single ignition.
Straight shot with multi-effects : red, green, blue brocade with cackle; gold crackles; red, green, silver, yellow brocade and gold crackles.
Come and discover the full range of fireworks and firecrackers with your specialist at Marcinelle, we are a store in Charleroi.
The merchandise is not deliverable and must be removed from our fireworks store at 102 rue des Forgerons at Marcinelle.
Our team will advise you on the choice of products for fireworks and give you the safety instructions for their use.




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B-6001 Marcinelle - Belgium
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